Street-Level Sovereignty

by Sarah Marusek (Editor), John Brigham (Editor)

Street-Level Sovereignty: The Intersection of Space and Law is a collection of scholarship that considers the experience of law that is subject to social interpretation for its meaning and importance within the constitutive legal framework of race, deviance, property, and the communal investiture in health and happiness. This book examines the intersection of spatiality and law, through the construction of place, and how law is materially framed.

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Patrícia Branco (Collaborator), Marilyn Brown (Collaborator), Andrés Fabián Henao Castro (Collaborator), Allen Linken (Collaborator), Aaron Lorenz (Collaborator), Richard Mohr (Collaborator), Margaret Mott (Collaborator), Andrea Pavoni (Collaborator), Jan M. Broekman (Collaborator), Nadirsyah Hosen (Collaborator), Sarah Marusek (Collaborator), John Brigham (Collaborator)
Publication date
October 03, 2017
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