Come Here To Me! Volume 2

by Donal Fallon (Author), Sam Mcgrath (Author), Ciarán Murray (Author)

Donal, Sam and Ciarán from the hugely popular blog Come Here To Me! are back with a brand-new collection of fascinating, surprising, and little-known tales from the hidden history of Dublin, Ireland’s often weird and always wonderful capital city.

In a history book that looks at things from a different angle, Come Here To Me! Vol. 2 celebrates an unexplored Dublin: its public duels and street gangs, suffragettes and drag queens, as well as its not-so-secret gay bars and failed vegetarian societies. It looks at the people the city has chosen to remember and the places it has decided to forget (or worse, allowed to be turned into a Starbucks).

With fresh, new perspectives on the lives and histories of the city, Come Here To Me! Vol. 2 is a history book like no other...

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Publication Date
September 15, 2017
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