On This Day Volume 2

by Myles Dungan (Author), Annie West (Illustrator)

More fascinating, hilarious, and uncanny historical tales based on Myles Dungan’s hugely popular Drivetime segment on RTÉ Radio One.

The journey will take you through Ireland’s historic influence at home and abroad: from the Irish architect of the White House to the Night of the Big Wind of 1839 (which just about levelled half the country). Find out how Wexford’s Dollar Bay got its name (hint: it involves pirates) and how the Native American Choctaw Tribe came to the aid of the Irish during the famine. Uncover how a pair of ill-fitting boots may have made all the difference in the bloody Phoenix Park murders, and how the scientist Robert Boyle investigated the ‘prolongation of life’ and ‘perpetual light’.

With illustrations by Annie West, On This Day – Volume 2 is a whirlwind ride through Ireland’s colourful – and often astonishing – history.

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Publication Date
September 08, 2017
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