Divine Love

Divine Love

by Emanuel Swedenborg (Author)


- 1. In The World It Is Little Comprehended What Love Is; And Yet It Is Man’s Very Life.

- 2. The Lord Alone Is Love Itself, Because Life Itself; While Men And Angels Are Only Recipients.

- 3. Life, Which Is The Divine Love, Is In A Form.

- 4. That Form Is A Form Of Use In Its Whole Complex.

- 5. In Such A Form Is Man Individually.

- 6. In Such A Form Is Man In General.

- 7. In Such A Form Is Heaven.

- 8. All Things Of The World Also Tend To Such A Form.

- 9. There Are As Many Affections As There Are Uses.

- 10. There Are Genera And Species Of Affections, And Varieties Of Species To Infinity; So Of Uses.

- 11. There Are Degrees Of Affections And Of Uses.

- 12. Each Use Draws Its Life From The General Use And From That The Necessary, Useful And Enjoyable Things Of Life Flow In According To The Quality Of The Use And The Quality Of Its Affection.

- 13. So Far As Man Is In The Love Of Use, So Far Is He In The Lord, So Far He Loves The Lord And Loves The Neighbor, And So Far He Is A Man.

- 14. Those Who Love Themselves Above All Things, And The World As Themselves, Are Not Men, Nor Are They In The Lord.

- 15. Unless Use Be The Affection Or Occupation Of Man, He Is Not Of Sound Mind.

- 16. Every Man Is An Affection; And There Are As Many Various Affections As There Are Men That Have Been Born, And Will Be Born To Eternity.

- 17. Man Has Eternal Life According To His Affection Of Use.

- 18. The Will Of Man Is His Affection.

- 19. In The Word To Love Means To Perform Uses.

- 20. Love Produces Heat.

- 21. The Divine Love, Which Is Life Itself, By Means Of Heat Produces Spiritual Animal Forms, With Each And Everything In Them.

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