Recipes for ArtFull Success

by Fritz F Wasser (Author), Linda Cooney Wasser (Author), Kirk V Huttleston (Editor)

“Recipes for ArtFull Success“ is a comprehensive guide compiled and fully illustrated by two professional educators with a combined total of over 80 years of classroom experience. The husband and wife team are both professional artists who have received many awards.

It is a book of “get starters” since art has endless possibilities. The book is executed and can be adapted for students of any age, including adults, with a wide range of abilities. The wealth of information contained in the book would make this a good resource for a basic art curriculum.

The lessons in this book are designed in a recipe format making it unique and giving it a kitchen-connection “twist”. As art teachers for many years, the similarity between the art room and the kitchen became apparent. The requirements for each scenario are about the same. There is the motivation, the preparation, the creation of the product, followed by clean-up and finally, the evaluation. A motivational dialogue to lead the instructor through the process of exciting or stimulating the students to be creatively engaged is provided for each recipe. There are suggestions provided for adding variation(s) to a lesson. The success can be measured using the evaluation provided, for each lesson in the book.

The book is boiling over with creative ideas. Just as one thinks that they’ve reached the boiling point on one idea... another one pops up. Don’t stew over it! Just follow the recipe and you will experience success.

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Publication date
October 26, 2017
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