attachment fathering

by Neena Roumell Ph.D (Author)

Attachment Fathering,  Neena Roumell, Ph.D., reaches out to expectant and new parents to help strengthen the bond between the fathers and their babies, and to reinforce the opportunity for strong attachments and sensitive parenting. The photographs primarily show fathers and their infants interacting following birth, during comforting, caretaking and during play.  The emotional connections made in the intimacy of nurturing their infant has enduring effects on both the father and his child. Captured by the author in pictures and words, the multicultural images show how babies bring out the father’s sensitivity in reading and responding to their infant’s, attachment promoting, facial emotional signals.    Attachment Fathering provides touchpoints for sensitive paternal responding that will build the foundation for his infant’s secure attachment and independence.   These important touchpoints are the mutual exchanges which take place following birth, during comforting, caretaking and play.  Attachment Fathering highlights how sensitive paternal responsiveness to his baby’s cues  during the opening months of infancy is the single most important influence on the infant-father relationship.  It also underscores how paternal sensitivity and the baby’s emotion of interest lays the foundation for infant security, exploration and learning.  Attachment Fathering reveals the important role that fathers have in providing comfort and nurturant caregiving from the moment their child is born.  The text and photo images support nurturant paternal involvement i.e., intimacy and empathy, emotional availability and attunement to their baby’s cues and sensitivities. The text is drawn from the developmental psychology and pediatric  literature  which documents the positive effects of nurturant father involvement on child development and is for the new father audience but may also be a useful teaching tool for psychology,  pediatric and family practice students.

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October 20, 2017
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