The Space Opera Novella MEGAPACK®

by Frank Belknap Long (Author), Robert Moore Williams (Author), Cordwainer Smith (Author), Nelson S. Bond (Author), Joseph J. Millard (Author)

Galactic empires. Mighty heroes blasting their way to victory. Galaxy-spanning quests. They're all essential ingredients for a space opera! Here are 6 classic novellas from the pulps, showcasing galaxy-spanning adventures. Included are:

"Thunder to Venus," by Joseph J. Millard

"The Last Outpost," by Nelson S. Bond

"Martian Adventure," by Robert Moore Williams

"A Planet Named Shayol," by Cordwainer Smith

"The Superstition Seeders," by Edward Wellen

"And We Sailed the Mighty Dark," by Frank Belknap Long

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Publication date
October 23, 2017
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