Evie Bear

by Steve Gera (Author), Joe Bauman (Illustrator)

Little Evie is deep asleep in her bed when the pain in her teeth wakes her up.  She sits up in bed, mouth throbbing, not knowing what to do. Her mouth hurts, and she can't sleep. Magically, her stuffed furry animal friends come alive to help teach her how to deal with the pain and adversity. Lester Lion, bursts to life and convinces her to turn from Little Evie into Evie the Bear and go on a journey with him.  He takes her hand and off they go to learn how to cope with teething.  They fly to the Africa bush to visit Giner Giraffe, Horace Hippo, Maka Monkey, Pilar Penguin, and Esteban Eagle to learn the secrets to teething.  Along the way they have to hunt down the Shadow Thief after he steals "the secret" Pilar shares with Evie Bear.  But, with the help of her faithful friends she faces the Shadow Thief and reclaims "the secret," and learns that it's friendship that helps her get through life's challenges.

Book Details

Publication Date
July 03, 2017