Diary of a 6th Grade Sleepwalking Warrior

by A.M. Shah (Author), Pedro Demetriou (Illustrator)

Brady is no ordinary soon-to-be sixth grader. He has a hidden magic power that only he can tap into. As he is anxiously waiting for the start of middle school, he falls asleep. As Brady tosses and turns in his bed, his soul is awakened by an evil Demon. Soon Brady begins to sleepwalk and travels through Mirror World and enters a foreign land with no turning back unless he accomplishes the Demon’s tasks. Here he faces his toughest battles with Drogs, Oak Beasts, and evil Molts. But, he gets help from some Ground Folk that leads him safely to the Lady of the City that rules Horizon City.

Will Brady make it back home and safe? He has exactly eight hours to fulfill the Demon’s wish to conquer the majestic Horizon City, or else he will be trapped in Mirror World forever!  


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Publication date
October 06, 2017
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