by Nitin Kore (Author)

Ruby is a pure object-oriented and open source programming language that supports all kind of platforms including Windows, Mac OS and all versions of UNIX. 

Programmers willing to learn Ruby on Rails framework should first learn Ruby. They could treat this book as a guide and prerequisite before start learning Ruby on Rails framework. Many popular websites like Twitter, Shopify, Airbnb, Hulu, Basecamp, Disney, and GitHub have been developed using this framework. There is a lot of demand for people experienced in Ruby.


Who is the target audience?

=>Anyone who wants to learn coding quickly - Ruby is built with programmer’s happiness in mind

=>Anyone who wants to start their career as a software programmer

=>Anyone who wants to develop web applications using Ruby on Rails framework must first learn Ruby

=>Anyone who wants to start their startup in software space

=> Machine learning frameworks and APIs are available in Ruby, so anyone willing to learn machine learning could start with Ruby



What will you learn?

=>Building Ruby based software programs

=>Ruby language syntax

=>Handling conditional statements, loops, iterators, math functions, strings

=>Handling exceptions, arithmetic operators, yield, blocks

=>Handling arrays, hashes, variables, and scopes

=>Writing object-oriented concept based programming

=>Start building real-life programs in Ruby

Book details

Publication date
October 13, 2017
Page count