Corruption and Misuse of Public Office

by Colin Nicholls Qc (Author), Timothy Daniel (Author), Alan Bacarese (Author), John Hatchard (Author), James Maton (Author)

The law and practice relating to corruption and the misuse of public office is of global importance. The first two editions of this book provided a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the law relating to corruption as it had been shaped over recent years. This new edition has been fully revised and updated to cover all major developments since the publication of the second edition, and to reflect the increasing importance of the fight against corruption worldwide.

Expanded coverage of topics includes: examination of sector specific initiatives including a new chapter on sport; expanded coverage of the FCPA; civil and criminal mechanisms for recovering the proceeds of corruption; and new material on setting standards in the private sector. The third edition covers the laws and regulations of overseas jurisdictions including China, Russia and the UAE and developing countries such as Kenya. The book considers the broadening scope of corruption and its
intersection with questions of integrity in public life and examines lobbying and the move towards open government.

Written by leading practitioners with extensive experience of handling corruption cases, the book provides a clear exposition of the current law. It examines the legal and practical issues relating to the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases and includes coverage of specialist areas such as recovering the proceeds of corruption.

Corruption cases often span jurisdictions. This book enables practitioners to handle any aspect of a corruption case by providing them with detailed analysis of the international efforts to combat corruption, and the legal developments taking place in key jurisdictions and regions covered by UN, EU, OECD, the Commonwealth, and other regional anti-corruption initiatives.

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September 28, 2017
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