World in questions 1900 - 1999

by Richard Whibley (Author)

World in Questions uses a question and multiple choice option format to present a chronology of global life throughout the period 1900 - 1999. Evenly spread over ten decades are one thousand questions and three thousand multiple choice options.

For the reader it will:

• Create a fun and interesting experience

• Provide a comprehensive ‘snapshot’ of the world during the 20th century

• Enhance their knowledge of world history

• Highlight the signifi cant events and people that help shape these times

• Encourage discussion and debate

The book documents the many and varied facets of an increasingly diverse and complex world. Along with signifi cant population growth came a period of immense economic, industrial, political and social achievement, change and failure. Huge advancements in areas such as communication, medical and transport technology transformed the world in ways previously unimaginable. But there continued to be much instability, trauma and upheaval resulting from disasters and conflicts.

World in Questions will be a valuable and rewarding read for anyone interested in exploring the century that was 1900 - 1999.

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Publication Date
September 19, 2017
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