Diary of an Average Fairy

Diary of an Average Fairy

by M M Hillman (Author)

Teacher’s Comments: Vervain has made satisfactory progress and has achieved an average level in most subjects.

What do you think, Diary? Yes, I know it’s not a BAD report but words like SATISFACTORY and AVERAGE just don’t feel like me. I’ve looked up ‘average’ in the dictionary. It says: a middle place between two extremes, usual, normal.

I don’t want to be NORMAL, I want to be spectacular! I feel special inside. Does everyone feel special? Maybe it’s just normal to feel special and I’m not actually special at all.

Diary, do you think I can be average and special at the same time?


Vervain isn’t the smartest, the most stylish or the best at flying and magic – she’s just an average fairy. But when the magical kingdom is threatened by evil, she finds herself central to its safety. Through her anything-but-average adventures, Vervain learns that true friendship is precious and that ordinary folk can do the most extraordinary things.

Vervain shares these exciting adventures with her diary and confides her thoughts and feelings. She struggles with difficult emotions - fear, anger, envy, sadness, grief, yet infects us with her determination, her delight of simple pleasures, and her exhilaration at overcoming obstacles.

The author M.M. Hillman is a practicing therapist. Using a language of emotion that children understand, she invites us into a world of mythical creatures who are just like you and me. Amusing and sometimes very moving - a tale that neither children nor adults will forget. 

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March 15, 2018
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