by Jeff Biggers (Author)

  • Resistance is a modern-day Common Sense, opening a new window on what it means to be American at a time of uncertainty
  • Biggers makes cultural history come alive, and demonstrates its relevance to readers' lives today; its celebratory roots-based history and story-telling at its best
  • In the current political climate, it is easy for activists to feel overwhelmed or alone. How do we fight a battle on so many fronts: anti-immigration legislation, climate change denial, LGB/transgender discrimination, racism and white supremacy, women's rights, and corporate greed are just a few of the issues facing the United States in 2018. Biggers' Resistance is both an intimate history and a buoying reminder that activism has a powerful history in the country, and that each issue for which we fight has historical precedent and example from which to learn and draw hope
  • Jeff Biggers has made a conscientious effort to be truly inclusive in his history: from the Black Lives Matter movement to LGBTQ activism, from pro-choice advocates to immigration champions, the resistance movements chronicled here are as varied as the population of the US itself
  • Biggers is a wonderful public speaker and storyteller, and his reputation among independent booksellers is a positive one; he is known for his engaging and well-attended events; and a recent media survey by London-based Onalytica selected Biggers as one of the top 100 global influencers on climate action in cities.
  • The UNITED STATES OF APPALACHIA: How Southern Mountaineers Brought Independence, Culture, and Enlightenment to America (9781593761516) is now in its eighth printing, and remains a perennial backlist title
  • Jeff Biggers has chronicled the history of social justice movements in the South and Appalachia, the Midwest, and the American Southwest in several award-winning books of memoir, history and investigative journalism.
  • The market for this new title is as much the general nonfiction reader with an interest in political/US history as it is a first or second-year college student (or even senior in high school)

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    Publication Date
    July 01, 2018