The Lucky Elephant Restaurant

The Lucky Elephant Restaurant

by Garry Ryan (Author)

When the young daughter of popular radio talk show host Bobbie Reddie disappears along with Bobbie?s ex-husband, Detectives Lane and Harper are on the case. Haunted by flashbacks from a previous missing child case, Lane once again takes to the streets of Calgary looking for answers.

Meanwhile, university student Jay Krocker befriends the mysterious Lucky Elephant Restaurant owner Lam Tran, known to many as Uncle Tran. As Jay and Uncle Tran become mixed up in the missing child case, their intentions baffle the detectives?are they there to help or hinder?

As the pressure mounts for Lane and Harper to swiftly close the case, Lane?s private life becomes threatened. The two detectives are running out of time and must untangle the many lies surrounding this bizarre investigation before another child disappears.

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February 14, 2006
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