Some Extremely Boring Drives

Some Extremely Boring Drives

by Marguerite Pigeon (Author)

From the multi-talented author of Inventory and Open Pit comes a new collection of short stories, filled with lost souls drifting through exotic locales, reinventing themselves on the fly.

Marguerite Pigeon?s gifts for quick characterization and muscular dialogue are on full display in this collection, where you will encounter competitors in an endurance race at the edge of the world; the secret lives of stray cats, and those who try to catch them night after night; an interview with a once-famous musician who seems to be losing touch with reality; a date in Mexico City that ends in a kidnapping; a woman who comes face to face with her mirror image and finds that she?s taken another path; and a girl who?s determined to never, ever stand still again.

Praise for Some Extremely Boring Drives

"To use ?boring? in a book title takes confidence, to add ?extremely? may seem brash, but Marguerite Pigeon deserves to be cocky in naming her first collection of stories."
~ Jade Colbert, The Globe and Mail

?Each story reveals a peculiar and unique world peopled by genuinely interesting inhabitants.?
~ Dana Hansen, Quill & Quire

"There?s a propulsion to the narratives in Marguerite Pigeon?s Some Extremely Boring Drives that?s anything but boring. Attribute this to Pigeon?s strong yield of language and voice, her ability to cut a clear and quirky character, and her deft hand at developing uncanny situations."
~ Traci Skuce, The Coastal Spectator

"Driven to extremes, each of Pigeon?s characters is stripped of the coping mechanism that has kept them moving forward; when they?re jolted out of the trance of the ordinary, we don?t know which way they?ll go, or even if they will survive. But one thing is certain?they will never be the same."
~ Kristine Morris, ForeWord Reviews

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Publication Date
September 14, 2012
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