Indiana Pulcinella

Indiana Pulcinella

by Garry Ryan (Author)
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After saving the Calgary Stampede from a potential terror attack in Glycerine, Detectives Lane and Li find themselves on the hunt yet again, this time following a pair of gruesome killers whose perfectly composed crime scenes match those of an inmate put away by Calgary Police years earlier. As more people come into the line of fire, Lane must team up with some unlikely new allies in order to crack the case.

Meanwhile, with the birth of a new nephew, the happily chaotic Lane household must deal with the taciturn detective?s estranged, fundamentalist family and their efforts to interfere in raising the child.

Praise for Indiana Pulcinella

"Garry Ryan?s carefully crafted storylines and taut style provide the novel with pace and tension."
~ Dorothy Marshall Gent, Promoting Crime Fiction

"This book delivers a tense crime story wrapped in a realistic view of the tough police work required to solve it."
~ Publisher's Weekly

Publication date
May 01, 2016
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