Microgrid Dynamics and Control

de Hassan Bevrani (Auteur), Bruno Francois (Auteur), Toshifumi Ise (Auteur)

This book discusses relevant microgrid technologies in the context of integrating renewable energy and also addresses challenging issues. The authors summarize long term academic and research outcomes and contributions. In addition, this book is influenced by the authors' practical experiences on microgrids (MGs), electric network monitoring, and control and power electronic systems. A thorough discussion of the basic principles of the MG modeling and operating issues is provided. The MG structure, types, operating modes, modelling, dynamics, and control levels are covered. Recent advances in DC microgrids, virtual synchronousgenerators, MG planning and energy management are examined. The physical constraints and engineering aspects of the MGs are covered, and developed robust and intelligent control strategies are discussed using real time simulations and experimental studies.

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Date de publication
17 juillet 2017
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