Once We Sang Like Other Men

by John MacKenna (Author)

So, that's how it was with us after the Captain's slaughter. Shock, then panic, then hope, then self-preservation.

The killing was the easy part, all done and dusted in short order, as clean as these things can be...'

These wide-ranging stories follow the disparate disciples of the Captain – a mysterious, powerful and magnetic figure whose violent and chaotic death at the hands of the army radically alters their lives in myriad ways. From rural North American farms and dive bars to the suburbs of Ireland and the sands of Palestine, we witness their struggles to find a place, a peace, in a world that is fractured and incomplete.

Once We Sang Like Other Men is a surprising, mysterious, lyrical and affecting collection with a stunning range of voice from a recognised master of the form.

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Publication Date
January 31, 2017
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