Dead Children Can't Read: Classrooms of Compassion

Dead Children Can't Read: Classrooms of Compassion

by Darleen Claire Wodzenski (Author), Hayden Kara (Illustrator)

Learn the meaning behind "Dead Children Can't Read" as you explore the philosophy of "Classrooms of Compassion" that promote child mental health and development. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, QPPE, PhD Candidate - a national presenter in the areas of education, special needs, juvenile justice, and development - shares the importance of putting a child's development and mental health first, rather than making educational goals the primary objective in childhood. Avoid the pitfalls of pushing academic success on children with developmental, behavioral, emotional, or mental health problems ... at the cost of the child's wellbeing and mental health! Learn new ways to approach parent-school collaborations, IEP and Section 504 Planning, and Intervention. Explore ethical and effective orientations to Compassionate, Effective, and Developmentally Appropriate classrooms. 

Darleen Claire Wodzenski is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Certified Special Ed/Exceptional Student Teacher, Parent and Teacher Trainer, Interventionist who focuses on promoting healthy child development. She specializes in promoting Attachment Development, including intervention strategies for RAD or Radical Attachment Disorder and DSED or Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder. "Dead Children Can't Read" is a natural response to schools who want to push an academic agenda on a child with special needs, developmental disorder, mental health disorder (including Attachment Disorder, Depression, Self-Harming, Suicidality, or Dual Diagnosis) ... This book will help parents, teachers, and administration and staff to reorient to an agenda that promotes the child's wellbeing first and foremost. A compassionate and developmentally geared response can help avoid school violence as well as school-related child anxiety. If you are involved with the Juvenile Justice system, please also look for our related book "Developmental Justice" by Darleen Claire Wodzenski & Kathy A. Thomas, and also edited by Leigh Purcell.

Darleen Claire is the founder of Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit that strives to Uplift Lives by Counseling,, Educating, and Caring! "Dead Children Can't Read" is one of many titles available through a partnership between Orchard Human Services, Inc. and Psychoneuroeducational Institute, LLC. If you are caring for a child who suffered from trauma, abuse, or neglect, be sure to check out the author's therapeutic children's book "Marmalade Jam" and the sequel "Juno's Butter Knife".

Check online for companion resources to support parents who strive to embrace the pro-developmental model embraced by "Dead Children Can't Read". Let this book inspire you to raise great children who know themselves, their value, and how they intend to contribute to the world!

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May 19, 2017
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