Finding Freedom: Eliminate the Lies and Become All You Were Created to Be

by Neil R Oliver (Author)

You don’t have to keep suffering, living in defeat and darkness because you are unequipped with the truth needed to eliminate all the lies, deception, and fear you’re experiencing due to the unexpected events in life, unwanted situations, and times when your circumstances seem to be spiraling rapidly out of your control. Don’t do it. Don’t believe there is no way out. You can escape. You will escape. Believe it.

The trials we face are the perfect opportunity to receive lies, be deceived, and remain in a permanent state of fear that makes us disconnected from who we really are and all we are capable of. The consequences of believing those lies to be the truth, allowing ourselves to be deceived, and accepting fear to be our reality always lead to personal defeat. 

Finding freedom is possible. The lies will convince you otherwise, deception will have you believing there’s no way out, and fear will keep you permanently trapped. Don’t believe it. Don’t accept lies, deception, and fear to be your truth. Let the truth be your truth. Get ready to break free from everything that has ever held you back. Finding Freedom is your way out.

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May 15, 2017
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