by Hiromi Kawakami (Author), Michael Emmerich (Translator)

  • Kawakami is an author known and reviewed around the world
  • Manazuru received great praise when Counterpoint released it in 2010; the book already has reviews by Booklist, the Paris Review Daily, the Independent, and Publishers Weekly.
  • This is a reissue of a quiet, beloved novel by celebrated Japanese author, Hiromi Kawakami (the original 2012 Counterpoint edition was titled The Briefcase, 9781582435992)
  • This reissue will coincide with Europa's publication of Kawakami's The Nakano Thrift Shop (9781609453992, June 2017) and Counterpoint's re-release of Strange Weather in Tokyo, another lauded Kawakami novel (9781640090163, August 2017)
  • "[In Japan] we have something called 'palm-of-the-hand stories,' brief and strangely evocative pieces of fiction so short they might fit in your palm…conjuring an underlying, unseen world that lies beyond with just a brief description or a few words." —Hiromi Kawakami
  • The two re-released novels complement each other: both are concise, poetic meditations on the cyclic patterns of loneliness and love—one protagonist is in the city, the other is on the seaside
  • Translator Michael Emmerich was a Costen Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University

  • Book Details

    Publication Date
    November 01, 2017