Mitsy's Life

Mitsy's Life

by Marti Eicholz (Author)

From very early childhood, Mitsy longs for closeness with others–a free-flowing acceptance, approval, rapport, and respect that ideally should exist in the "perfect family."

Somehow, Mitsy realizes she does not have a "perfect family." She lives a solitary, friendless, and lonely life. Peering out her bedroom window and seeing the hustle and bustle of activity in the town square only heighten her desire to be a part of it all.
Grandmother Fisher starts teaching a very young Mitsy about friendship and what makes a good friend. Mitsy learns that relationships are basic life skills that must be mastered and nurtured.

From age two, Mitsy's life consists of starting, developing, and ending relationships. Some, she is thrown into; others, she chooses. However they develop, relationships are an inescapable part of her life. Mitsy's relationships bring her great joy, deep sorrow, persistent problems, and devastating disappointments.

This book is a collection of Mitsy's stories based on her relationships–grandparents, parents, her first friend, best buddies, colleagues, love interests, and her relationship within.

As you read, try to gain insights into your own relationships. Relish the ideas, memories, and feelings that arise. Connect with your emotions; express your feelings. Heal a wound Forgive a hurt. Share a thought or idea. Savor moments of joy, and revel in your own successes.

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May 19, 2017
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