The Giulio Metaphysics III

di Michael Mirolla (Autore)

Praise for Michael Mirolla:

"Intriguing, passionate, sad, hilarious. Mirolla is a master storyteller. . . . Berlin will make you laugh, cry, and cringe."—Toronto Sun

"An ambitious novel concerned with the nature of identity, the weight of history, the significance of catastrophe, and the legacies of fascism and communism."—Quill & Quire

"Mirolla . . . is a teller of tales that only the tautest of prose could relate with cohesion and beauty. This book will thrill the mind."—CrimeSpree

"Mirolla's book excels."—Rain Taxi

"The Facility is a fascinating, thought-provoking novel. If you like quirky, mind-bending books, this one is for you!"—Geekscribe

"Mixes theology, cloning, and Beckettlike absurdist alienation. . . . Parallels the division between mind and body, between technology and nature, and between what we can do and what we should do."—Publishers Weekly

The Giulio Metaphysics III is a collection of linked tales on the fluidity of identity and the power of the word. A character named Giulio frees himself from his creator in order to write his own story, only to find himself lost and confused, unable at times to recall his own name. He wanders through landscapes both familiar and alien, struggling to return home.

Michael Mirolla's publications include a novella, The Ballad of Martin B.; two novels: Berlin (Bressani Literary Prize winner) and The Facility, which features a string of cloned Mussolinis; two story collections: The Formal Logic of Emotion and Hothouse Loves & Other Tales; and a collection of poetry, Light and Time. He is publisher and editor-in-chief of Guernica Editions in Toronto, Ontario.

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26 aprile 2013
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