Go Basics

de Shotwell,Peter (Autor)
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Learn the fascinating game of Go with this expert guide.

Go is a two-player board game that first originated in ancient China but is also very popular in Japan and Korea. There is significant strategy and philosophy involved in the game, and the number of possible games is vast—even when compared to chess.

It's not surprising that Go is one of the oldest games still being played today—it's also one of the most challenging, stimulating, and fascinating games around.

With its easy-to-follow instructions and over 600 diagrams showing examples of how to play, you'll be ready to enjoy this classic game right away. It starts by focusing on smaller 9 x 9 games, making it easier to understand and learn Go tactics and techniques, and introduces fundamental game-winning strategies and tips. It also explains Go's unique handicapping system, making every game even those between beginners and experts exciting.

Useful go strategies include:
  • Invading
  • Sacrificing
  • Using ko
  • Thinking territorially
  • And many more!
Go Basics also includes downloadable material developed by the American Go Association that will help you build your skills before testing them against other players.

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