Artists, Obsessives and Chicago Originals: Selected Articles

Artists, Obsessives and Chicago Originals: Selected Articles

by Christopher Borrelli (Author)

Reporter Christopher Borrelli has a fascination with the quirky and the obsessive, and a talent for finding unique angles and stories when it comes to artists, entertainers, and everyday people. This book collects his in-depth profiles of celebrities, as well as profiles and commentary on everyday people he affectionately calls "obsessives." The kind of folk who fascinate Borrelli can be workers at a local prop shop, carhops at the fast-food chain Sonic, or a video collective that has over 4,000 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire. But regardless of the quirks of a featured subject, Borrelli gives an illustrative and illuminating look into their true character—from celebrities we all "know" to cult heroes and veritable unknowns.

Filled with entertaining celebrity Q&A's, unique views on cultural phenomenons, and insightful takes on all things Chicago, Borrelli is one of the Chicago Tribune's most enjoyable and humorous writers. His feature pieces are sure to offer inspiring perspectives on art, entertainment, film, found life, celebrities, and Chicago originals. This broad collection of Borrelli's best articles and commentary will appeal to his fans, Chicagoans, and consumers of pop culture across the country.

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April 09, 2013
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