Destinations: The Chicago Tribune Guide to Vacations and Getaways

Destinations: The Chicago Tribune Guide to Vacations and Getaways

de Josh Noel (Autor)

Destinations is a helpful, insightful collection of columns from Chicago Tribune travel writer Josh Noel, covering a wide range of expertly curated getaways. Focusing mostly on US locations, but with beautiful international locales sprinkled in, Noel gives a critical and off-the-beaten path view of an eclectic group of vacation spots.

Noel offers useful recommendations on weekend jaunts and week-long excursions, mixing in both affordable and ultra-luxurious options, including spas, skiing, Sundance, and the French Riviera. With options like microbrewery tours in Colorado and a Tibetan cultural center in Indiana, Noel uncovers what the average travel guide misses. Additionally, each article includes tips on hotels, restaurants, and travel arrangements.

Whether readers are looking for a pleasant nature walk, rugged camping trip, or a city's top under-the-radar hotspots, Destinations is the perfect interactive travel guide.

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