Ask the Expert

by Bonnie Miller Rubin (Author)

Collecting more than 60 articles written by Bonnie Miller Rubin for the Chicago Tribune between 2011 and 2014, Ask the Expert is a go-to source for questions about health and family. Each article in the series features an interview with a specialist, including a gerontologist, a clinical social worker, and a neuroscientist, among many others. The interviews are concise yet instructive, and Bonnie Miller Rubin's introductory commentary for each article combines helpful foundational information and snappy, engaging writing.

Ask the Expert covers a wide variety of topics from cardiovascular troubles and women's hair loss to alternative medicine and avoiding children's mood swings. The first section of the book includes articles about health, covering areas such as aging, end-of-life care, brain health, cholesterol, medical advancements, and mental health. Also included are sections on nutrition, exercise, and weight loss, as well as pregnancy, parenting, and women’s health. The final section of the book includes articles about lifestyle and family issues.

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Publication Date
August 18, 2015
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