The Sound of One Team Sucking

by Christopher Gudgeon (Author), Tavish Gudgeon (Author), Joey Mauro (Author), Yusuf Saadi (Author)

A hilarious self-help book for recovering Leafs fans everywhere.

We’ve all heard it. The sound of one team sucking. Our team. The Leafs. It starts as an almost imperceptible hum, a month or so after the home opener, once the shine of the new season wears off, building in intensity with each defeat until the sound explodes like the noise a star might make if you ripped its heart out. Fact is, being a Maple Leafs fan is a kind of addiction: irrational, cumpulsive, dependent. You can’t just quit cold turkey. You need help …

And that’s where The Sound of One Team Sucking comes in. Think of it as your own portable support group, designed to accompany you through another disappointing season (plus draft day!), and guide your recovery as you strive to live a more emotionally and spiritually balanced life. Written by a Leafs addict and de-motivational guru, it is a hilarious and strangely insightful meditation on the futility of Leafs fandom.

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Publication Date
February 25, 2017
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