Santa’s Anal Punishment: Mind Control, Oral, Anal, Spanking, Cocksucking, Face Fucking, Swallowing, CIM CIA

Santa’s Anal Punishment: Mind Control, Oral, Anal, Spanking, Cocksucking, Face Fucking, Swallowing, CIM CIA

de Jade Summers (Autor)
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Kimmie is home from college for Christmas and while watching TV on Christmas Eve she is shocked to find Santa Claus staring at her. She looks up into his twinkling eyes and can't resist following his orders. She is being punished for being a naughty girl all year and when Santa pulls her punishment stool out of his toy bag she can't stop herself from following through with her punishment.


I looked up into Santa's eyes and saw the twinkle of the Christmas lights. But maybe it was something else because suddenly I wanted to do everything but he was asking. I reached down to the bottom of the T-shirt that was barely covering my breasts and yanked it up over my head, letting my boobs bounce free.

"Good girl," Santa said as he set his big red bag down on the floor. "Now I want you to play with your big boobs, Kimmie. Jiggle them around with your hands and pinch the nipples."

I did as Santa told me. I sat on the couch and looked up into his eyes like I was hypnotized. I ran my hands up the smooth curve of both of my breasts and squeezed them hard then jiggled the flesh. Then I pinched the nipples and felt them grow harder underneath my fingers.

"That's really good, Kimi. If you keep this up you might just make it onto my nice list before the night is over. Now I want you to peel those panties off."

"I reached back and down and scooted my panties out from underneath my ass, then pulled them off and kicked them to the floor. I sat there waiting for my next order with knees bent and my legs spread wide.

"I want you to reach down and put your fingers inside yourself, Kimmie. Can you do that for Santa?"

An incredible surge of lust coursed through my body as I listened to the things that Santa wanted me to do. And as I moved my hand down my stomach and toward my pussy I noticed that the cock inside of his red pants was getting harder and harder.

As I slipped my fingers inside myself I watched Santa remove his suit. He grabbed his thick hard cock in his hand and watched me fuck myself with my fingers for a long time well he stroked it. Then he bent down and rummage through his bag of toys.

"I have something special for you Kimmie. Something that I made just for you," he said as he pulled a stool out of the bag. He sat it down on the ground right next to the Christmas tree then motioned for me to come over to him.

"This is your punishment stool, Kimmie. I'd like you to come over here and sit down for me."

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