Revolution on Our Knees

by Dave Butts (Author)

Most revolutions do not begin with people seeking God on their knees. But that is the kind of revolution that the world needs today--an army of people on their knees. An army of believers not seeking their own agendas for their lives, but an army seeking God’s agenda for a lost world.

We invite you to join this growing revolution. Join the army that wants to see churches on fire, a fresh groundswell of new churches planted, new missionaries sent, new business owners who want their businesses to bless the world and the Kingdom of God, and the Great Commission completed. Join the thousands and hundreds of thousands who want to pray focused prayers that seek the kingdom of God.

Revolution on Our Knees is a simple, but powerful, 30-day prayer devotional guide that provides scriptural thoughts and prayer points that focus on God’s purposes to grow His kingdom. Designed to mobilize entire churches of praying people, Revolution on Our Knees can also be used by individuals and small groups. Let this biblical prayer agenda revolutionize the way you and your church prays.

Book Details

Publication Date
February 22, 2013