China Survival Information

China Survival Information

by Lawrence DeAngelo (Author)

Things are different in China. And I am not just talking about the language. The following information will help you survive despite these differences. This booklet assumes you are a Western traveler coming directly from your home country to mainland China. The booklet's goal is to provide practical and current information that will allow you to plan and execute your trip most effectively.

I am an American who has lived, worked, and vacationed in China for many years.  The booklet is different from most China travel guides, which are written to encourage tourism and not frequently updated. Travel guides usually contain glowing reports of life in a particular country; I tell it like it is!  

This e-book contains street-smart information on Health, Transportation, Money Matters, Internet and Telephone use, Electrical Power and Adaptors, Weather, Clothing, Time, the Chinese calendar, Public Holidays, Tipping, and Measurements.  I list web sites that contain additional information on all of the above subjects. 

Despite the challenges of China we hope you will find your visit enjoyable and if on a business trip, profitable.   The world stands in admiration of the economic miracle called China and fascinated by the modern version of this ancient civilization.   I have included personal vignettes to provide travelers insight into Chinese culture and a taste of the interesting experience of China. 

Lawrence DeAngelo                                           

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January 02, 2017
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