What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House

by Elizabeth Nix (Author), Elizabeth Hurchalla (Author)

What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House is a girls' guide to solving life's most vexing problems

Everything You Thought You'd Know By Now (But Don't)

Don't be daunted by the daily dilemmas modern life throws at you! It may seem as though every able-bodied person you know can change a tire, eat a lobster and give a massage, but--believe it or not--it's not uncommon to reach adulthood with glaring holes in one's skill set. This sleek little book is the perfect manual to plug those holes, giving you everything you need on a subject in two or three efficient pages. Why not learn to:

--help someone who's fainted?
--prevent jetlag?
--look great in photos?
--avoid getting a speeding ticket?
--choose the right wine?
--find a bra that fits?
--parallel park?
--plus 66 other essential skills

All the information you need for a quick fix to a more fabulous life is right in these pages.

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Publication Date
April 06, 2003
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