Tattoo Girl

by Brooke Stevens (Author)

Tattoo girl is an evocative story of perseverance and discovery in the face of insanity and corruption. A young girl is found alone in an Ohio mall long after closing hours, unable to speak, nd covered head to foot in fish-scale tattoos. Her identity presents an enigma. She is adopted and named Emma by Lucy, a former circus fat lady. Warned that Emma maybe in in danger from whoever gave her the mysterious tattoos, Lucy goes in search of Emma's real identity, a quest that leads Lucy to a confrontation with the demons haunting her past.
Tattoo Girl is the story of a woman and her adopted daughter, who ndertake a difficult journey into salvation's dark heart in order to rediscover their identities--identities that were crushed by evil men. By turns surreal , nightmarish, and heartwarming, Tattoo Girl is ultimately an affirmation of the powerful bond between two people overcoming adversity.

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Publication Date
March 20, 2001
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