Big Night Out

by Tara McCarthy (Author), Lorraine Freeney (Author)

Like the wildly popular Choose Your Own Adventure tales of our childhood--only with a 20-something twist--Big Night Out is the kind of book readers will delve into more than once in their sometimes frustrating, sometimes victorious, pursuit of their quest.

In Big Night Out you must meet up with your current love interest at a party. In order to get to this party, you must track down one of a number of friends who were actually invited and figure out a way to tag along. Some friends are more cooperative than others; after all, each of them has an agenda of his or her own.

Likewise, the city you live in poses its own challenges; you may encounter pick-pockets, insane taxi drivers, difficult bouncers, and a full cast of "extras." Add to that the practical necessities such as securing food lest you pass out from drinking too much, and Big Night Out could end up being a night out on the town from hell--depending on what you, the reader, choose to do at every turn.

Book Details

Publication Date
September 26, 2016