Do Unto Others

by Justin Heimberg (Author), David Gomberg (Author)

From the authors of Would You Rather, comes Do Unto Others, A Life's Little Instruction Book for those looking to add a little lunacy to their lives.With over 1,000 off-the-wall things to do in over 50 locations (churchs, shopping malls, public bathrooms, etc.), Justin Heimberg and David Gomberg have created a laugh-a-minute guide to disturbing and disgusting those around you.

Here are some sample suggestions:

Things to Do During a Job Interview
--Answer all questions in interpretive dance
--If they ask...
"So Where Are you From?"
You answer...
"I'm probably the creation of some insane wizard."

Fun Things to Do in a Mall
--At the bookstore, hang out in self-help section, hit on vulnerable women.
--Offer to pay for things in
a) pennies b) acorns c) "tales of adventure"

From the outlandish to the absurd, Do Unto Others covers all the bases of how to make the most out of mundane situations.

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Publication Date
July 06, 2000
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