by Barbara Rollin (Author)

It's the simplest technique imaginable, and it can save you hours of your time, hundreds of headaches, and thousands of dollars.

Barbara Rollin has saved a small fortune by using a technique that is so simple, so easy, that anyone can do it. By using the power of "Asking," Barbara Rollin has gotten refunds, discounts, deals, lower prices, and customer satisfaction beyond her wildest dreams. In Ask! you will learn her strategies to:

-Get credit card companies to lower your interest rates
-Make stores pay for your time when deliveries are late
-Get hotels to lower their room rates upon check-in
-Receive refunds for disappointing merchandise-even years later
-Learn to ask for and get better medical care
-Stop accepting anything less than a totally satisfying restaurant meal
-Return anything to a store-even if they have a "no returns" policy
-And much more!

Barbara Rollin has learned in her years of steadily more audacious "Asking" that companies will comply-usually with a smile. Everyone has the power to "Ask" for satisfaction, without whining or complaining. The stories and anecdotes in Ask! will demonstrate that power to you, so that you can begin getting more than you ever dreamed possible through these simple techniques.

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November 01, 2001
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