Too Wicked to Wed

by Cheryl Holt (Author)

No other writer delivers romance as sensual and compelling as Cheryl Holt, the Queen of Erotic Romance. Now, in her most seductive novel to date, she presents an unforgettable story of mismatched lovers-and a breathtaking passion that defies every rule...

CAN THE ROGUE WHO WON HER VIRTUE...Helen Mansfield's reckless brother has done the unthinkable, gambling away his sister's chastity to save his family's estate. When Helen visits the lodgings of the gentleman who has won her, hoping to make him see reason, she interrupts a carnal scene as outrageous as it is erotic. Luke Westmoreland, the illegitimate son of a duke, is clearly a rogue...and he's also the most wildly attractive man she has ever met. He offers Helen a new bargain that will give her one more year in her home. But their daily meetings quickly become sizzling lessons in wanton desire...

TEACH HER THE MEANING OF DESIRE?Once branded a smuggler and thief, Luke Westmoreland is now hailed a hero, thanks to an act of bravery at sea. Although he has taken full advantage of the women his fame has enticed, none of the strumpets lining up to share his bed has intrigued Luke as much as beautiful, spirited Helen. Their trysts are abandoned, sensual adventures that deepen into a love neither dares to admit-until another man's twisted obsession places Helen in danger...

"A luscious erotic romance...steamy love sessions of temptation...settle in for a delectable night of reading pleasure."
--Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine (starred review) on Too Hot to Handle

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March 31, 2007
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