I Know What You Quoted Last Summer

by Jai Nanda (Author)

Think you know your movie quotes and trivia? Think again.

Covering the last twenty-five years of moviemaking, I Know What You Quoted Last Summer is packed with your favorite one-liners and trivia about the films, their stars, and their directors.

Do you know...

What instrument Michelle played in American Pie?

What the name of the town was in The Truman Show?

What the first rule of Fight Club is?

What films inspired us to say...

"There's nothing worse in life than being ordinary."

"I shall call him Mini-Me."

"Don't make me have to open a can of 'whup-ass.'"

With quotes and trivia for three levels of knowledge, I Know What You Quoted Last Summer can help you build your skill and challenge your friends. It includes special sections on your favorite actors, Oscar winners, the American Film Institutes Top 100 Films, movie sequels, and many more!

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May 29, 2003
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