The Playas Series, The Complete Collection

by Brenda Jackson (Author)

The Playas Series, The Complete Collection bundle from Brenda Jackson contains The Playa's Handbook, No More Playas, and What a Woman Wants

Relish the intense sensuality and hot, passionate nights of The Playas Series from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson.

The Playa's Handbook
There's not a whole lot happening in Gary, Indiana. That is, until nationally renowned relationship expert Lance Montgomery bursts on to the scene. Twice divorced, Montgomery is now on a mission to perfect the art of being single. His tantalizing book The Playa's Handbook is causing quite a stir. And when his friends decide to put the rules to the test, they end up going on one of the wildest rides of their lives.

No More Playas
Lance Montgomery, renowned relationship expert, has perfected the art of being a playa. His acclaimed workshops and bestselling books prove it. His most popular title, The Playa's Handbook, caused a major uproar, and shot to the top of the bestseller list.

Then he meets Dr. Asia Fowler, a colleague whose views on love are vastly different from his own. Intrigued and unable to forget her, Lance wants her in his bed. But he doesn't expect her to find a way into his heart?

What a Woman Wants
Filled with profound passion and sensuality, witty dialogue and richly drawn characters, this is a story of women having fun, embracing life, taking charge, and doing the things they want ?and discovering in the process that everyone deserves to kick the routine every once in a while, let their hair down and explore new things. And if the right man comes along, especially one who is willing to make an already hot summer even hotter, then pushing the envelope just might give their lives the jolt it needs?

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March 23, 2015
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