WILD (MMU/JMU Novella 2016 winner)

by Joma West (Author)

Everything good is wild. It’s the word we use when something’s worth something. Wild is what you want to be, wild is how you want to look, wild is what you want to have. The world is a dangerous place. People live in domed cities, walls keep nature out, everything is civilised. But there is a way to experience a different kind of world. Step into a word museum, plug into a simulation, experience being anything, anywhere, anytime... All the wild kids are doing it.

So that’s how it begins. I walk into a museum with one aim: to understand ‘wild’. It’s important. Because if you’re wild, you can fit in. You’re not alone. Only words aren’t simple…

…some things belong in real life.

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Publication Date
November 25, 2016
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