Cracking the Kindle Sales Code

Cracking the Kindle Sales Code

"Do you know your book will sell, or are you only hoping it does?

Successful authors know what most other authors don't. They know that selling books on Amazon is a game, and it runs on code.

Successful authors have worked out how to crack that code and write books which are consistent bestsellers. Those books make them an annual 6-figure income in many cases.

Most of the rest of Amazon authors run only on ""hope marketing.""

They publish a single book and only hope it sells. They never get anywhere near a living income and keep their day job and minimal retirement pensions.

They could have real financial freedom from their book royalties.

But unsuccessful authors don't know the rules to win the game of publishing. They don't even know most of them. They don't know how to crack the Sales Code that Amazon runs on.

Despite all the books out there, very few deal with this exact point. Many are filled with distractions that slow your progress.

90% of successful self-published authors have solved three things:

How to write titles and descriptions that are what the readers are looking for, and

How to pick categories to place their books where readers expect to find them.

How to research your market before your write a single word.

The bulk of the authors out there are not successful because they do this backwards.

They write a book they've always wanted to read, or one which they've always wanted to write.

Then they try to market it. Usually without having a clue of what to do to get there.

Once you decide to become successful you can learn how to do these things:

How to research for subjects that you like to write and readers like to buy.

Why using certain words can make customers fall in love with your story

How to create descriptions and titles that sell.

Smart, business-minded writers can future-proof their careers.

They do this by:

Turning their art into a logical, sustainable business

Getting their books almost automatically generating sales

Learning how to make money from your self-published books

Learning to increase your backlist and leverage your sales, even your book income

And building a successful indie publishing career

Now you'll know you'll be able to get it right. You'll know how the code works and how to discover where readers are buying books, write the books that you enjoy writing and they enjoy reading, and present a polished product that sells routinely.

That is the key to your Kindle book selling success.

And a small handful of authors do this every day.

Because they know Amazon isn't a bookstore, it's a search engine that also sells books (among many, many other things.)

Fortunately, Amazon itself gives you the tools. You can find out what terms you need to include in your title and description to make this possible.

The second best thing is that you've found the book that has all this in one place.

Here's the chapter titles:

Why Most Authors Can Only Hope Their Book Sells on Amazon?

What Keeps Your Books From Selling - They Can't Be Found

How to Train Amazon to Recommend Your Book to Buyers

How to Author a Book That Amazon Wants to Sell For You

Writing A Decent Book (Is Not That Hard)

Can You Re-Kindle Book Sales?

The hard work has already been done. Just read it and apply it.

All you have to do is to get your copy now.

Scroll up and press Buy now."

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