How to Help Librarians Love Your Book

How to Help Librarians Love Your Book

"Librarians Deserve Love Where They Can Find It

If you want to help your self-published book escape the Kindle walled garden, what follows can help you.

This book grew out of research and asking a few too many time, “Yes, but – how come?” and the typical penny-pinching necessity that comes from self-publishing as a hobby-turned-business.

This is in no way a definitive guide to getting your books ready. There are tons of books and courses you can buy now. And lots of businesses out there who are devoted to accepting your hard-earned money so you can get your book published.

This book fits a very tiny set of people who want to exploit a hidden niche that can very possibly get your book onto bestseller lists as part of a broader promotion campaign.

In short: you want to help librarians love your book.

And here you'll learn how to get one stumbling block out of the way – a little piece of data that is supposed to be in the front of every print book just so any librarian can catalog it easily. And that one item can help them learn to love you and your books.

Too simple? Well, that's why I've kept this book low-priced. But check the appendix if you think this material is easy to find. Have fun with your own research.

And best of luck with your book marketing and sales!

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November 18, 2016
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