Burning Obsession

by Calista Fox (Author)

Her head whipped around. Long, sleek blond strands slashed across her face, sticking to her crimson lips. Her gaze locked with mine. Her tawny, mostly golden eyes were wide. Excitement?hot and bright?flared in them.

That was when it happened. Lightning struck.

For two years, Kyle Jenns dodged danger and bullets with his now-best friend, Ari Bax, when ruined investors of the exclusive resort 10,000 Lux sabotaged not just the hotel, but also targeted Ari. Now with the bad guys locked up and Kyle being a full-fledged bodyguard and head of security at the Lux, he?s ready to start the next chapter of his life. Having absolutely no idea it?s going to happen the moment he lays eyes on a stunning blond named Tamera Fenmore.
The chemistry between them is instantaneous and hot. But Tamera?s suddenly in the crosshairs of a killer, needing Kyle?s protection as much as she needs his passionate kisses. The danger escalates along with Kyle?s own burning obsession for Tamera?and everything he?s learned as a bodyguard will be put to the ultimate test when it comes to saving her.

Book Details

Publication Date
October 31, 2016