Listen to the Cries of Your Heart: The Child-Heart Path to Your Inner Child

Listen to the Cries of Your Heart: The Child-Heart Path to Your Inner Child

de Anne K Uemura (Auteur)

No matter where or when we began our lives, no matter how wonderful our parents are, no one escapes wounding in the first years of life. There is always an interruption—subtle or dramatic, momentary or prolonged—in our infant and toddler needs being met. These moments, minutes, or days of separation from comfort and love impact us deeply. Adult happiness is compromised by these early-life woundings, which are often deeply buried by the child-heart.

Yet these woundings continue to affect you as an adult. The cries of your heart are deep needs or longings that appeared unexpectedly throughout life. These cries can be physical symptoms, such as cancer or a heart attack, or emotional distress such as anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic anger.

Listen to the Cries of Your Heart provides a self-help guide that enables you to move away from fear, anxiety, and being upset to unlock the peace, wisdom, and joy in your heart. Through her Child-Heart Method, inner-child specialist Anne Uemura, PhD, guides you to find and integrate your own hidden young hearts by accessing negative feelings, limiting beliefs and strategies, and other self-protection behaviors.

This method is especially for those who:

  • recognize they suffer from childhood wounding and haven’t found a way to move beyond the consequences of such hurts of their inner child,
  • are bewildered and plagued by limiting beliefs that cause suffering, such as low self-esteem and feeling undeserving, or are trapped with strategies of giving and pleasing that leave them unfulfilled, or
  • are devoted to their spiritual path but are honest enough to recognize that only their minds have changed and everything at the core remains the same.

Through the stories of Child-Heart method workshop participants, the author’s personal story, and those of other courageous individuals who trusted enough to be guided through this process, you too will learn how to access a source of your current life challenges. This unique protocol includes the insistence of a committed relationship to the inner children and the access to them provided by creating a place of imagination. When enough child-selves have been met and integrated, you will experience changes in your life, in your beliefs and strategies, and in feeling calmer, freer, and more joyful.

Listen to the Cries of Your Heart directs you to the center of your emotional life and intelligence. The potential to clear the debilitating confusion, powerlessness, and suffering lies within you—in the undefended heart. Without the layers of protection around your heart, you will know you original innocence, joy, peace, and wisdom.

It is time for heart-centered living. It is time to listen to the cries of your heart.

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30 août 2016
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