by Yves-Marie Stranger (Author)

Ethiopia is one of only a handful of countries that shock the traveller with their unique perspective. These places awaken a deep sense of wonder and offer a rare opportunity to observe the world from a different angle, to see things anew. Ethiopia: through writers’ eyes is the perfect companion to any exploration of this idiosyncratic country, be it from the precarious saddle of an Abyssinian mule, or the comfortable folds of an armchair. A compendium of all things Ethiopian, with excerpts translated from writings in a number of languages including Amharic, the book peoples the land with a caste of priest-kings descended from Solomon and Sheba, and with many of the eccentric adventurers who have been drawn there: Jesuit explorers and missionaries, foolish would-be conquerors and writers of all stripes.

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September 10, 2016
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