de Leslie Bilderback (Autor)

Salt has been an essential dining element since the invention of the kitchen table. But today, specialty salts come in a vast variety of forms and flavors. Smokey salts, salts infused with clay or charcoal, herby and spicy salts, salt with extra umami or a hint of sugar are being added to many recipes, to layer more flavor, and not simply to enhance the flavors already there. It?s a feast for the tongue, and colorful salts also add visual interest to dishes, and the varying textures add crunch.

But how do you decide which to buy?and how do you get the most out of them once you?ve brought them back home to your kitchen? Salt will show you how to choose and how use them in simple, delicious recipes for every meal of the day. You will learn how to cook, cure, and bake with them. Plus, you?ll find a market guide that describes the different types of specialty and infused salts, discover ways to cook with salt blocks, and even how to organize your own salt tasting at home. More than 100 mouthwatering recipes?plus nearly 50 varieties of infused salts?with beautiful, full-color photography will help you transform this classic, humble ingredient into a star seasoning.

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