Gluten-Free Bread

Gluten-Free Bread

by Marc Alier (Author), María José Casañ (Author)

One day you find out you have to adopt a gluten-free diet – or someone in your life does.

So, you wonder: What’s gluten? Where is it found and how do I avoid it? How do I make gluten-free bread, rolls, pizza, cakes, crepes, muffins and pastries at home? What ingredients can I use? Is gluten-free bread just as nutritious as normal bread? Should I use commercial bread mixes, or is it better to make my own? Why?

The authors of Gluten-Free Bread had these same questions on their minds. This book is their answer.

The book has two parts. In part one, they address gluten in the diet, where it’s found, how to avoid it and above all, some alternative products and their properties. They identify and analyze nutritional facts of ingredients (types of flours, additives, yeasts and rising agents) that make gluten-free bread and pastries. They also look at how these ingredients affect the final product, how they can be combined and in what proportions.

The second part focuses on the kitchen: they present techniques and tricks for gluten-free cooking, and 15 recipes for gluten-free breads, pizzas, crepes, savory tarts, cakes, muffins (cupcakes) and pastries. They offer alternatives for each recipe, including processes, tools (bread maker, mixer, kneading by hand) and types of flour that you can use to create your own variations.

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June 23, 2016
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