What's So Mysterious About Meteorites

What's So Mysterious About Meteorites

by O. Richard Norton (Author), Dorothy S. Northon (Author)

Every product we use, every new invention we create, every single thing we surround ourselves with comes from this Earth, with one exception—meteorites. These exotic rocks have experienced journeys of cosmic proportions by the time we lay eyes on them. In the bitter cold temperatures of space, powerful collisions between asteroids scatter rocky debris in all directions, and some of it ends up on Earth.

In the newly released book, Whats So Mysterious About Meteorites?, authors Richard and Dorothy Norton explain where these mysterious rocks come from, what they’re made of, and what happens when asteroids strike Earth. Explore how radiant fireballs are cataclysmically related to impact craters, discover helpful hints that guide readers on the dos and don’ts of meteorite hunting, and learn how to properly distinguish meteorites from “meteorwrongs” with examples that are truly out of this world. Written for young adults as well as general readers, this third book in the What’s So Cool About Geology series is sure to pique your interest as you learn what these extraterrestrial rocks tell us about the origins of our solar system. 

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May 16, 2016
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