Afterlives of Romantic Intermediality: The Intersection of Visual, Aural, and Verbal Frontiers

by Leena Eilittä (Editor), Catherine Riccio-Berry (Editor)

Through its focus on artistic intermediality, Afterlives of Romantic Intermediality addresses the manifold, even global artistic developments that were initiated by European Romantics. The contributions herein demonstrate the intriguing aspects of modernity and postmodernity embodied in intermedial connections. Setting new standards for research on intermedial links extending from Romanticism up to the present day, this encompassing volume is valuable for all those with a profound interest in the development of the arts after Romanticism.

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Norman Kasper (Collaborator), Martina Moeller (Collaborator), Sabine Müller (Collaborator), Asko Nivala (Collaborator), Mattias Pirholt (Collaborator), Karl Schawelka (Collaborator), Arne Stollberg (Collaborator), James Cisneros (Collaborator), Jacinto Fombona Iribarren (Collaborator), Klara Franz (Collaborator), Tobias Hermans (Collaborator), Antonio J. Jimenez-Munoz (Collaborator)
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December 24, 2015
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